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Subject : The presentation about the Act of WPSF on the IHC( International Honey Commission)
Writer : WPSF  2009-10-23 09:13:00, 조회 : 3,454
#What is the IHC(International Honey Commission)

An International Honey Commission (IHC) chaired by Stefan Bogdanov(Switzerland), was formed in 1990 in order to create a new world honey standard. The first phase of the commissions work was aimed at proposing new methods for routine honey analysis and international standards. All modern routine honey analysis methods were collaboratively tested and compiled as "Harmonised methods of the European Honey Commission", published in Apidologie, extra issue, 1-59, 1997. Based on these methods, new honey standards were proposed for the Codex Alimentarius and the EU honey regulations. The new EU honey directive is legal since the end of 2001.
Next, the major European unifloral honeys were characterised in a special issue of Apidoligie, 35, 2004, allowing a better trade of these honeys.
Since 1998 the IHC is chaired by Werner von der Ohe(Germany), Stefan Bogdanov is vice-chairman.
It has 18 section(pollen, royal jerry, wax, honey, propolis and so on...) and Dr. Vassya Bankova(Bulgaria) take charge of the Propolis section.

                      < Mr. Lee's speech >                                                          < Member of IHC had interested WPSF >

           < IHC Chairman Dr.Werner Ven der ohe >                                                        < Q&A Time >

The 19th, last day of APIMONDIA, President. Seung-Wan Lee had presentation about the act of WPSF(World Propolis Science Forum) and suggested the international Propolis standard on IHC congress and Prof. Mitsuo Matsuka introduced him. The member of IHC had interest about international propolis standard and WPSF. after presentation, Mr. Lee doesn't forgot the public relations of the 3rd WPSF congress which will hold Busan, Korea on 2010 Nov. with AAA(Asian Apicultural Association.)

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