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Subject : The 7th International natural medicine symposium
Writer : WPSF  2009-10-19 17:44:54, 조회 : 6,792
'Efficacy of Propolis-Medicinal pharmacology Aspect'

▣ Section 1 Opening Ceremony (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute invested Company)

               < Opening speech. President. Lee Seung-Wan >

At the opening speech President. Lee, Seung-Wan said "It is very pleasure to gain approval as a Research Company of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. And thank you for all of your encouragement and interest"

                                < Mayor Park Sung-Hyo(right) >

Seoul Propolis Co., Ltd give the Plaque of appreciation to Park, Sung-Hyo(Daejeon city Mayor). Because He support to Seoul Propolis on many fields.
At the congratulatory address, Mayor. Park said "This Propolis toothpaste is really good. I am one of Marketing manager of Seoul Propolis"  and Kang, Kye-du who is Chief director of Daedeok INNOPOLIS, also celebrated Seoul Propolis.
Yang, Myung-Seung, President of Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, give remembrance to Lee Seung-Wan and celebrated as below "Make a win-win strategy and develop to No.1 Company on the World."
And Seoul Propolis made a agreement on support business for cancer treatment in low income countries 'Wing of Hope with Korea Nuclear International Cooperation Foundation.'

▣ Section Ⅱ 7th International natural medicine symposium

At the 7th International natural medicine symposium "Efficacy of Propolis-Medicinal pharmacology Aspect", Prof. Mitsuo Matsuka(Univ. Tamagawa) publish the results of his research "Present state of the world Propolis researches and anticancer effect of Artepillin-C contained in Propolis"

                          < Prof. Mitsuo Matsuka's speech >

Wang Zhen Shan(President of China beekeeping association) speech about the efficacy of bees wax(protect heart and stomach mucous membrane) and Chinese Propolis has more flavonoid(about 5%) than Brazilian Propolis.
And Prof. Lee, Jung-Gu(Otorhinolaryngology, medical college, Dana-kook Univ.) publish the results of his research "Positive effect of Propolis about pain and injury healing and bleeding after tonsils excisions."

                                  < Wang Zhen Shan >

And then, Prof. Jin, Young-soo(Sport medical center, Seoul A-san hospital) lead the discussion as a senior  person  present and they had a lively discussion. After all of schedule, guests visited the Korea Institute of Toxicology.

                                   < Prof. Lee Jung-Gu >

▣ Work-shop, International Propolis standard

International Propolis standard work-shop held at the ATOPIA Hall in KAERI(Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) with WPSF(World Propolis Science Forum)'s members.

                                     < Work-shop >

At the Work-shop, WPSF give the Plaque of appreciation to Prof. Mitsuo Matsuka and extol his cooperation for 2nd WPSF in Hangzhou, China. also they organized IPSC(International Propolis Science Committee), they are Lee, Seung-Wan(Korea), Wang Zhen Shan(China) and Mitsuo Matsuka(Japan).
Woo, Kun-Suk emeritus prof. of Seoul Univ. take a Senior person present for this Work-shop and Lee, Seung-Wan speech Korean Propolis standard and propose the International Propolis standard, Prof. Mitsuo Matsuka speech Japanese Propolis standard and Wang Zhen Shan speech Chinese Propolis standard.
After speech, Kang, Myung-Hee(President. Korean Nutrition Society), Kwon, Myung-Sang(President. Korea Institute of toxicology), Jo, Sung-Kee(Manager of the Radiation Biotechnology research department, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute) and Hur, Yong-Kap(Head researcher of Seoul Propolis Co., Ltd) they had a lively discussion.

Korea and Japan have Propolis products standard but China and IHC(International Honey Commission) have just raw material's standard.
IPSC(International Propolis Science Committee) decide that first, make sure 3 countries(Korea, Japan, China) Propolis standard and then will discuss with IHC for International Propolis Standard.
Lee, Seung-Wan(President of WPSF) will have a presentation about the 3 countries Propolis standard and propose International Propolis standard at the APIMONDIA 2009, France.
After Work-shop, all participant visited Factory of Korea Apicultural Cooperative Federation in Ansung.

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