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Subject : 3rd World Propolis Science Forum Information
Writer : WPSF  2010-07-05 23:15:32, 조회 : 3,334
As a special session, 3rd World Propolis Science Forum will be held during the 10th
Asian Apicultural Association conference (November 4-7, 2010, Busan, BEXCO).

□ Date: November 5th (Friday), 2010, 09:00 ~ 18:00
□ Place: Busan, BEXCO, Korea
□ Host: World Propolis Science Forum (WPSF)
□ Program

TimeTitle ContentsPlace
09:00 ~14:003rd WorldPropolis Science ForumPaper presentation on propolisBEXCO
15:00~18:00Propolis International Standardization Workshoppresentation on national standards and consultation on StandardizationBEXCO
19:00~21:00DinnerWPSF committeeto be fixed

□  Information about Abstract Submission

-The deadline for abstract submission: 2010.09.20
-Notice of Presenter, Presentation Time: 2010.09.30
-The deadline for presenter's registration: 2010.10.15
-The deadline for edit of abstracts: 2010.10.20

□  People to submit abstracts please note the following matters

- Please send it to us via email to wpsf@wpsf.kr or pacrim386@naver.com Also you can submit it through 'Online Abstract Submission' at www.aaa2010.or.kr
- Abstracts must be written in English.
- All presenters need to prepare a presentation in English
- Presentation must be submitted through 'Online Abstract Submission' at homepage.
- Abstracts must be made by "Word ®" (stored in RTF files) in Eglish and within 500 words including subject, affiliation, address, text, keywords. Specific names should be written in italics.
- If there are two or more authors, underline the presenters's name.
- Please visit www.wpsf.kr or www.aaa2010.or.kr 'Abstract Submission' for other matters.
- For other questions, E-mail wpsf@wpsf.kr or pacrim386@naver.com, T. As +82-42-862-4888.

□  Information about Registration

- You can register following the AAA2010 competition's regulatory register. You will not need to register separately for World Propolis Science Forum.
- Please visit www.aaa2010.or.kr for more information about registration.

□  Information about Accommodation and Transportation

- Please visit www.aaa2010.or.kr General Information→Accommodation, Transportation.

□  Information about Application for WPSF Member

- If you want to become a member of WPSF to share more information, please fill out the membership application attached and send it by fax to 82-42-862-4887, or by mail to wpsf@wpsf.kr or pacrim386@naver.com.

World Propolis Science Forum Organizing Committee 
Executive Office: #529, Yongsan-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon
World Propolis Science Forum
www.wpsf.kr /T.+82-42-862-4888/F.+82-42-862-4887
Secretary General: Yong-kap, Hur (C.P:+82-17-239-1462)
E-mail: pacrim386@naver.com

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