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Subject : 2nd World Propolis Science Forum
Writer : WPSF  2008-12-15 11:22:54, 조회 : 4,437
2nd World Propolis Science Forum

"Propolis, research and market, today and tomorrow”

2nd WPSF "Propolis, research and market, today and tomorrow” was very successful in the hangzhou, China in November 2. and It was evaluated to make a real development for World Propolis Science Forum by participator. Almost 400 people, some of whom were government employee, Doctor, and Professor. They are from various countries. They kept the sit and attentive to the speaker until finish and they had time to many question and answer.

Wepsite : www.wpsf.kr

▶ synopsis
   Title  : 2nd World Propolis Science Forum(WPSF)
            "Propolis, research and market, today and tomorrow"
   Date  : 2008.11.2일(일) 13:00 - 18:00
   Place : Hangzhou zhijiang hotel/China
   Wepsite : www.wpsf.kr

Program :
    13:00  opening address
    13:10  address of welcome
    13:25  read a paper(scientific treatise)
    15:20  discussion
    15:30  rest
    15:50  read a paper
    17:30  discussion
    17:40  closing address

▶ opening ◀

< opening by Prof.Mitsuo Matsuka >

< welcome by Seung-Wan Lee Head of WPSF >

< Secretary General Mr.Yong Kap Hur >

< Conference place >

2nd World Propolis Science Forum(WPSF) was opened in the hangzhou Zhijiang hotel, China in November 2. and the 9 times AAA(Asia Apicultural Association) was opened at the same place in November 1~4. Also, they decided the host country for 10 times AAA conference. The host country is Korea.

The participator was over 4,000, Including almost 200 people from Korean.
There are 164 Treatise(beekeeping, pollen, honey, apitherapy, royal jelly etc.), 80 poster, and 150 public relations department for more information about the beekeeping industry and theirs technique.

2nd WPSF("Propolis, research and market, today and tomorrow") entered  for one of session of the 9 times AAA.
Mr. Seung-Wan Lee, who take the chairman of WPSF, said.
The bees disappearing is important problem for our to solve. and He hope that This Forum is used for world propolis industry developing by international  cooperation.

▶ Forum◀

1.Protective effects of Chinese propolis and its component, chrysin against neuronal cell death via inhibition of mitochondrial apoptosis pathway in SH-SY5Y cells

< Prof. Hideaki Hara / Department of Biofunctional Evaluation, Molecular Pharmacology, Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan >

2.Effects of Propolis on laser irradiated wounds

< Prof. Chung-Ku Rhee / Medical Laser Research Center, Dankook University, Korea >

3.Antioxidative activities of non-alcoholic water-soluble propolis (WEEP) in mouse and human

< Mr. Sung-Kee Jo / Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea >

4.Extracting the Taiwanese green propolis with different solvents and antibacterial activities of the extracts

< Prof. Yue-Wen Chen / Department of Animal Science, National I-Lan University, Taiwan >

5.Tyrosinase inhibitors of propolis by using supercritical carbon dioxide
Whitening effect of Supercritical CO2 extraction products of propolis

< Mr. X-W Wu / Department of Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of
Engineering, Japan >

6.Effects of propolis-beta-cyclodextrin grains on blood glycemic control, lipid metabolism and insulin resistance in type 2 diabetes mellitus rats

< Prof. HU Fu-Liang / Zhejiang Medical University, China >

7.Water Extracted Propolis Attenuates Kainate-induced Neurotoxicity via Adenosine A1 Receptor in the Rat

< Prof. Myung-Sang Kwon / Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Korea >

8.Current Statues of Propolis Research in Fish

< Prof. Kyung-min Han / Feeds and Foods Nutrition Research Center
Pukyong National University, Korea >

9.Apitherapy – with special emphasis on Propolis

< Prof. Mitsuo Matsuka / Tamagawa University, Japan >

▶ question and answer time◀

< Mr. Bambang Soekartiko >

< Prof. Mitsuo Matsuka discussed with Prof. Yue-Wen Chen >

▶ Pictures 1◀

< Prof. Young-Su Jin(left), Tam vice-president of Vietnam Beekeeper's Association  (right) >

< at the lobby >

< participatants >

< the poster at the lobby >

< the closing : Wang Zhen Shan vice-president of China Beekeeper's Association >

< Forum committees >

▶ Reception◀

After forum they are have a dinner. at the dinner, they agreed that Korea, Japan, and China take the initiative in doing, and make the projects to revitalize the Asia Propolis Industry. then President Seung-Wan Lee of WPSF propose about network for standard of quality of World Propolis and steer participation of each country.

< 9th AAA dinner >

< P.R place of Seoul Propolis >

< Forum committees at the P.R place >

▶ Poctures 2◀

< at the 9th AAA >

< P.R place of Vietnam >

▶ Started IPSC(Internatinal Propolis Science Committee)◀

President of Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam decided the host country of third conference. The host country is Korea. then, follow the Mr. Seung-Wan Lee's proposal, they are agreed to make a IPSC (International Propolis Science Committee) for improve quality and safety of Propolis.
For it, They are make a committee and will have a conference for international standard of Propolis at the third Forum in 2010.
Mr. Seung-Wan Lee made a base to lead a standard of international propolis on the Korea and promoted grade of Korea in the World Propolis Industry.

< Mr. Seung-Wan Lee propose about the IPSC >

▶About the standard of Propolis(IPSC)◀

Safety and quality control is very important thing in the Health food. for this each country are severe control by the law. Propolis can use several place health food, medicine, cosmetic, living supplies etc. but raw materials's ingredient of Propolis are different each place (country) of origin. It can make some confusion.
So, We made a IPSC for safety and quality control. IPSC will make a international standard of Propolis


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