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Subject : The 2nd Propolis International Standardization Workshop
Writer : WPSF  2012-01-27 10:17:29, 조회 : 2,444
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- Each country presented on the general issues of standardization.  

▶ Discussions

◇ Strategic standardization plans were developed and proposed internationally based on the contents of presentations given at the Workshops as part of the next phase of standardization efforts. (Chairman Lee Seung-Wan)

◇ On the issue of setting up standard criteria, it was noted that the full effectiveness of standardization would be only guaranteed with the participation of government agency (KFDA). (Executive director, Kwon Myung-Sang)

◇ It is realistically unfeasible to unify all varieties of raw propolis produced from different countries.  Additionally each country has already enforced local regulations on the standard criteria of raw propolis products.  Therefore the subcommittee agreed to approach the international standardization issue specifically on the refined and processed form of propolis products.

◇ Subcommittee Organization

■ Only academic members can act as chairman of a subcommittee and other industry partners can only participate with membership.

◇ Each Subcommittee  

■ Ethanol Extract of Propolis (EEP)Subcommittee: centers on Japan and Brazil

■ Water-soluble Propolis Extract  Subcommittee: centers on Korea

   Dr. Jo Seong-Ki as chairman and Dr. Kwon Doo-Whan as amember

■ Propolis Power Subcommittee: centers on Japan and China

  Dr Jeong Nyon-ki participate as a member

■ Supercritical Fluid Extract of Propolis Subcommittee : centers on China and Japan

◇ Information above is to be distributed to members of each country.

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